Studiodevices Releases Bree Casedy Impulse Response Library

Studiodevices has released a brand new professional Library of impulse-responses dubbed Bree Casedy for the use with Studiodevices Reflections LE or any other convolution reverb.

This 700 MB collection contains detailed reverbs that was produced using the new American reverberator, released in summer 2007. The ultra high density 24 bit and 96 kHz impulse-responses are available in stereo and true-stereo, and was optimized by experienced audio-engineers manually. Bree Casedy Library contains programs of the following styles: Studio, Drums, Chamber, Ambience, Concert Hall, Room, Environment. And is compatible with: Studiodevices Reflections LE, Voxengo Pristine Space, Cakewalk Perfect Space, Waves IR 1, Audioease Altiverb. Emagic Spacedesigner, Prosoniq Rayverb, Christian Knufinke SIR, Magix Samplitude, NI Kontakt 2, Wizoo W2, Tascam Gigapulse, and TL Space.

The Studiodevices Bree Casedy Library is available via download or CD-ROM and costs €59.99 until January 31st, 2008. More information on Studiodevices Bree Casedy.

Author: FutureMusic

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