Virsyn Releases Matrix – Virtual Vocoder For Mac & PC

Virsyn has released the Matrix, a virtual vocoder for Mac and PC. Matrix offers precise analog modelling 8-pole filters and extremely fast envelope followers for solid resynthesis quality.

Matrix features new voiced/unvoiced detection and pitch extraction algorithms for high intelligibility. The stereophonic synthesis filter bank preserves the spatial characteristic of the replacement signal. Virsyn asserts that Matrix has an easy to use interface and latency free operation.

• 32 channel filter bank
• stereophonic synthesis
• voiced/unvoiced detection
• Pitch tracking
• Formant shift
• Pause filling
• Channel matrix
• Pan position and level for each channel
• 16 internal oscillators
• Easy user interface

The Virsyn Matrix costs €129 for a limited time and is available now. A demo version is available as well. More information on the Virsyn Matrix.

Author: FutureMusic

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