Kurzweil Readies PC3x Controller Synth For NAMM Debut

Kurzweil is set to debut their new PC3x Controller at this years NAMM show in California. Kurzweil’s newest performance controller contains a collection of sounds combined with real-time controller functions, as well as the VA1 analog synth architecture.

Kurzweil designs their own ASIC chips their products, which allows the concern to optimize them strictly for audio performance with no noticeable latency. The PC3X also offers a large sound set of over 800 programs. The PC3x also includes the Kurzweil Triple Strike Piano feature, which allows for dozens of variations to accommodate every kind of player. All of the basic sounds, basses, guitars, drums, horns and synths, have been programmed to reflect the needs of today’s professional players, representing a broad selection of styles and flavors from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and beyond.

Also included is the Classic Keys ROM, which puts a large vintage keyboard rig at your fingertips. These are vintage emulations which actually sound like vintage instruments and classic recordings. The recognizable sounds of those classic electromechanical instruments, with all of their characteristic imperfections, have been faithfully re-created, along with pedals, amps and speakers. Lush Mellotrons, growling electric pianos, and punchy Clavinets are all there at the touch of a button, programmed to sound just like those classic albums.

Under the hood of the PC3X is simply the most powerful synthesis engine ever created by Kurzweil. Dynamic V.A.S.T. picks up where the K series left off. Having up to 32 layers per program means that emulations of real instruments can be extremely detailed and accurate, while the synthesized sounds can be extraordinarily large and complex. Users can now create and store their own DSP algorithms, with nearly limitless possibilities for routing.

In another development, we’ve resurrected the VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer, having built it’s synthesis engine right into the new system. Hear the VA-1’s power-shaped, anti-aliasing oscillators combined with a newer, larger set of V.A.S.T. filters and non-linear processors and you’ll understand why the internet is buzzing about this feature.

No pricing or availability has been announced for Kurzweil’s PC3x Controller / Synth, but it won’t come cheap. More information on the Kurzweil PC3x.

Author: FutureMusic

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