Audio Innovate Announces New Innofader Crossfader

Audio Innovate has announced the InnoFader, a new crossfader design created to replace industry standard VCA faders with non-contact, variable capacitor technology. With an 8mm stem, sturdy, long body construction, and without a fader brush to wear out, the InnoFader is designed to last over 4 million cycles of use with no required maintenance.

The InnoFader uses variable capacitor technology which, unlike current optical technology, makes it 100% resistant to smoke, dust, and moisture that plague most DJ working environments. In addition, currently used magnetic faders only work in the same brand mixers, leaving DJs limited options for upgrading their mixer faders. The InnoFader is designed to work with mixers from a variety of manufacturers.

• A cut-in adjustment that allows DJs to fit the fader into a mixer with a smaller slot, while tweaking the dead space at both ends of the fader.
• A curve adjustment which permits DJs to either match the original mixer fader curve, or create a custom curve for sharper or softer cut-in. Both adjustments are electronic, eliminating the need to tamper with sensitive mechanical fader parts.
• No bleed/cracking — Even the best conductive plastic (CP) or carbonized conductive plastic (CCP) contact faders will eventually bleed and require cleaning. Since the InnoFader is non-contact, no cleaning is required.
• Sturdy design – 8mm stem, long body type — Many DJs have experienced issues with bent or broken 4mm fader stems, thus the InnoFader adopts the emerging standard 8mm stem, ensuring almost no chance of breaking the stem. The long body type ensure a rigid construction which when combined with the heavy stem ensures a solid and long lasting crossfader.
• No calibration required — The InnoFader is designed to automatically compensate for circuit tolerances to the point that no calibration is required to adjust for the <0.5mm tolerance on fader cut-in position. • Standard VCA output — Many manufacturers design their faders to work with custom outputs, and interfaces that make plug and play with 3rd party faders almost impossible. The InnoFader will work as a drop in replacement for analog faders for the following reasons:

1. The pinout is a 4 pin industry standard Vcc, VCA out #1, VCA out #2, and ground.
2. The VCA out signals are from 50k digital potentiometers with 256 taps, and the output can short to Vcc or ground for a full on/off signal.
3. The entire fader power draw can be as low as 0.5mA so that circuits designed for low power 50k fader connections will work.

• Adjustable curve — Analog VCA faders have fixed A, B, or D-type curves. The InnoFader has an output curve adjustment to fit any of these configurations.
• Single cut-in adjustment for both sides — This ensures that the InnoFader can work in any sized fader slot. Since the adjustment is electronic, the actual active fader area can be shortened, unlike others which have a fixed active fader area. This often requires adjusting the mixer to fit the fader, while the InnoFader can be electronically adjusted to fit the mixer.
• Not affected by dust, smoke, temperature, moisture — One main drawback of optical faders is that they stop working once there is internal dirt buildup. The InnoFader’s electronic signals are unaffected by environmental factors experienced in harsh DJ environments.
• No cleaning required — Unlike other contact fader technologies, only routine light maintenance is required to keep the rails lubricated and free running. Because of the closed construction of the long body, this is kept to an absolute minimum.

Audio Innovate’s InnoFader will be offered for sale both as an OEM fader, and as a retail replacement fader, in Q2 of 2008 for $79. More information on Audio Innovate InnoFader.

Author: FutureMusic

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