Dodo Bird Releases McDodo’s Super-Volu Volume Control Plug-In For Windows

Dodo Bird has released McDodo’s Super-Volu, a free plug-in for Windows that removes the change in volume caused by other plug-ins.

Why do you need this? Well, according to the plug-in’s creator, Oded Streigold, you may want to insert a tube saturation plug-in in a channel, but the plug-in changes both the sound character of the audio and its volume. This makes it hard to understand exactly what the tube effect does to the sound. You can use Super-Volu to make sure the tube effect does not change the volume of the sound, and then you can understand better what it does to the sound character. This helps to determine the impact that specific plug-ins have on sound character, isolated from their effect on volume. (Hey, it’s a slow news day, all right? —Ed.)

Dodo Bird’s McDodo’s Super-Volu is available now as a Free VST effect plug-in for Windows. The Big Dodo Bird himself claims that the plug-in is open source but if “you use this software you promise to be kind to animals.” More information on Dodo Bird’s McDodo’s Super-Volu.

Author: FutureMusic

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