JazzMutant Announces Dual Mode For Dexter

Jazzmutant has released Dual Mode for their Dexter multi-touch controller. The announcement sheds some light on their wonky pricing for the Dexter that confused many in the industry, who couldn’t understand why the device was significantly more money than the more versatile Lemur.

Jazzmutant is shipping all new Dexter’s with Lemur software included so you can have both on one device. Existing Dexter users can download a firmware update that will allow you to select Lemur or Dexter functionality when booting up your controller, effectively doubling the potential for your Jazzmutant hardware.

The JazzMutant Dual Mode firmware update is free for existing Dexter owners. Lemur owners will be able to upgrade to DualMode for €390. More information on JazzMutant Dual Mode.

Author: FutureMusic

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