Weekend Fun: Mister Disc

Sony dominated the portable music market in the 80’s with their Walkman products, but did you know that Audio-Technica tried to do for vinyl what Sony did for cassettes?

Well, now you do. Audio-Technica debuted Mr. Disc in 1983 as a portable stereo phono system. This fascinating product allowed the user to listen to vinyl records using headphones! (How great would this be when you’re crate digging at your favorite vinyl hub? —Ed.) Even by today’s standards, the product is quite innovative. Although, the unit needed to be a flat surface and could not be moved when playing records, it was the quintessential solution for listening to your vinyl collection if you didn’t have room for a full-on stereo.

If you think “Mr. Disc” is a pretty dumb name, it was called the “SoundBurger” in Japan. Yeeeesh!

Author: FutureMusic

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