DJ-1800 Updates Mac OS X DJ Software To Version 3.0

DJ-1800 has updated their self-contained, professional DJ software to version 3.0 for Mac OS X.

• Professional music control
• 4 professional-quality CD players emulated
• Play / Pause
• Cue with custom cue point setting
• Position bar to jump to any point in a track
• Pitch Lock to fix a track’s pitch whilst adjusting tempo by up to +/- 10%
• Pitch Bend +/- 32%
• Track scan up to +/- 8x speed
• Track search jog dial with stutter for precise position finding
• Auto-find track start point
• Auto-find track gain levels
• Auto-calculate BPM
• Multiple time display modes
• Multiple play modes (single / continuous / loop / next)
• Hide and minimise rack devices when required
• Dual keyboard and mouse control
• Support for a range of hardware controllers:

• Frontier Design TranzPort
• Hercules DJ Console MK2
• Hercules DJ Control MP3
• Hercules DJ Console (Mac Edition)
• Kontrol-DJ KDJ500 MIDI Controller
• X-Keys Jog & Shuttle Editor

• Full software mixer
• 4-channel software mixer with crossfader
• Multichannel Crossfader assign
• Hi / Low E.Q. per channel
• Output Gain control per channel
• Master out volume
• Cue level volume
• Stereo Master output level monitoring
• Per-channel Cue level monitoring for precise level balancing
• Dual keyboard and mouse control
• Multiple outputs and modes
• Support for multiple sound devices
• Support for multi-channel output devices
• Four output modes:

– Mono multichannel emulation for Master / Cue with no extra hardware
– Mono multichannel emulation passthru for use with external mixer with no extra hardware
– Dual output Master / Cue with internal mixer for full stereo DJ environment
– Multiple output stereo pass-thru for use with external mixer and multiple outputs

• iTunes and iPod libraries and playlists are available on the DJ-1800 interface, and update whenever they change in iTunes
• Drag and drop tracks from your libraries onto DJ-1800’s CD Players
• Import any QuickTime-supported audio file format (MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF)
• Support for tracks purchased from the iTunes Music Store*
• StartPoints, AutoGain and BPM values can be saved to your iTunes / iPod libraries

Enhancements In Version 3.0
• Pitch Lock (Master Tempo)
• Automatic BPM Calculation
• Universal Binary for native Intel support
• Your iTunes library within the DJ-1800 Rack
• Integrated support for multiple iPods
• New Setup Assistant
• Support for new controllers, including the PCDJ DAC-3
• Many other improvements and fixes

DJ-1800 3.0 requires Mac OS 10.4.9 or later and QuickTime 7.2 or later, and costs $80. More information on DJ-1800 3.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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