Korg Updates KP3 Kaoss Pad OS To Version 2.0

Korg has updated the KP3 Kaoss Pad’s OS to Version 2.0. The update offers many user-requested features and provides a number of additional improvements to functionality.

• Sample Playback Trigger Functions Add Versatility

New sample trigger options have been implemented to provide greater control over looped samples. The new Gate function plays a sample only as long as you are pressing the sample pad. You can also decide whether the sample is retriggered from the beginning or plays continuously. Furthermore, the trigger type can be assigned per-sample pad.

• Polyphonic Sample Edit Mode Streamlines Sample Mixing

The four samples can now be played simultaneously, and this allows for volume mixing of all samples in the Sample Edit mode. Additionally, triggering and muting of samples can be controlled in real-time while in this mode.

• Additional Loop Type Offers Greater Rhythmic Possibilities

A new loop selection offers greater control over how a sample retriggers when using one of the loop programs involving the touch pad. Now, the starting point of the sample can be changed depending on how you drag your finger across the touch pad.

• KP3 Editor Version 2.0

KP3 Version 2.0 works in tandem with the new Version 2.0 Editor Librarian. All previously mentioned functions are now represented in the Editor Librarian program, which works for both Mac and PC.

Korg’s KP3 Kaoss Pad OS 2.0 update is free. More information on the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad OS 2.0 update.

Author: FutureMusic

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