Weekend Fun: Pimp My Segway

Customization of cars and motorcycles have reached new heights in the last few years, so it was only a matter of time before the owners of the Segway decided to Pimp Their Rides. The Segway, for those of you living on Easter Island, is a futuristic “Personal Transporter” that utilizes gyroscopes to steer and balance. Dean Kaman, the brilliant inventor, unveiled the first Segway in late 2001, and the company has branched into new markets including golf, police and forestry.

After building a customer base, it was only a matter of time before owners wanted to make their Segway’s a little more “distinctive.” Enter Segway Junkyard. The company specializes in selling custom parts to turn your Segway into a moving podium, that would feel right at home on the Death Star, trailer hitches, and custom “rims” to spice up your transporter’s wheels. Sadly, we didn’t see any spinners on their site…

And if you don’t feel you’re being bombarded with enough advertising during the course of your day, the Junkyard has lived up to its name by developing a Segway wrapper that can turn your unit into a Personal Billboard Transporter.

More information on Customized Segways.

Author: FutureMusic

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