Red Bull Readying Recording Studio & Record Label

According to reports, Red Bull, the energy drink maker, is constructing a full-on recording studio in their Santa Monica, California offices, and will launch an artist-friendly record label in 2008.

Red Bull, who favors branded experiences over traditional advertising has tapped several engineers, producers and record executives for the music endeavor. The ramp up is nearing completion with most of the major staff positions filled. The proper studio is said to consist of the best gear available with no expense spared. It will be the launching point of a wide gamut of artists including well-known acts and complete unknowns that may have developed through Red Bull’s Music Academy program.

Red Bull is keeping mum about the initiative, butDavid Burrier from Atlantic Records, Meredith Chinn from Warner and Greg Hammer from Universal Records) are on board.

The Future: This seems right in line with Red Bull’s current marketing strategy, and should make a significant impact on the music industry landscape when it officially premiers. With Red Bull’s very deep pockets, turning a profit will not be at the forefront of their decision making process, allowing for artist development and intiatives into more experimental realms.

Author: FutureMusic

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