Apple MacBook Touch Rumors Heat Up

Well, you know how we love to jump on the ol’ Apple rumor bandwagon here at FutureMusic, so here’s the latest action:

Apple filed a patent for a tablet computer in May of 2005. Ever since it was uncovered, many analysts have incorrectly announced the imminent arrival of a Mac OS X based tablet computer. However, the time seems right for such an announcement by Apple at January’s MacWorld. Why?

Unleashing a MacBook Tablet with their touchscreen technology at the beginning of 2008, would position Apple at the forefront of next-gen handheld computing. Although Apple may be still smarting from the bad taste that the Newton left in their mouths, the time is right for a tablet computer to get the proper Apple-treatment. Yes, there are already several tablet computers in the marketplace, but they are running Windows, don’t have sophisticated touchscreen technology, and are targeted to a specific niche audience, i.e. doctors.

The possibilities for music production and DJing applications are extraordinary. Could you imagine what it would be like to rock a Jazz Mutant Lemur and a computer in one device? Or Native Instruments Traktor and a Vestax VCI-100 in one unit? Or…the list goes on…

Now whether the Apple tablet will feature a SSD or a HDD (Flash based storage VS. Hard Drive) is yet to be determined and will most likely depend on the device’s size. Flash certainly has it’s avantages as far as reliability, size and power requirements, but a Hard Drive based unit would be more economical, something that definitely has an appeal when breaking down barriers. So what will we get? Hopefully something powerful enough to run Logic 8….

Author: FutureMusic

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