Prodyon Releases Asteroid – Virtual Korg Kaoss Pad

Prodyon has released Asteroid, a virtual Korg Kaoss Pad. The new DJ-Effects plug-in allows you to control a circle on an X/Y-pad that is linked to the various effects like Multi-filter, Slicer or a Phaser. Almost all parameters are fully automatable, including realtime click/pop-free effects switching. It is possible to freely route the circle’s X and Y axis to various targets, such as Cutoff, Dry/Wet-Mix or Quantizing. It also...

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Dancetracks Shutters Its NYC Location – Pins Its Hopes On Mediocre Download Store

Dancetracks, once a staple in the lives of NYC DJs, has announced that it is closing its doors this Friday. The announcement is yet another nail in the coffin for the venerable vinyl format. The East Village store was a weekly addiction to numerous of the town’s top spinners. Dancetracks is now resting its future solely on the web via its online store Dancetracks Digital, yet another wannabe in a wallowing in a sea of mediocre...

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