Plogue Updates Bidule To Version 0.96

Plogue has updated Bidule to version 0.96. Bidule, one of our favorite apps for “hacking” Ableton’s Live, is a modular music platform for Windows and Mac.

New Features & Enhancements:
• Added possibility to use read-only preset vs. dynamic snapshots in bidules/groups.
• AU: added support for AUs with MIDI output and MIDI output in Bidule AUs.
• MIDI Note On To Value List bidule
• MIDI RPN To Params bidule
• MIDI NRPN To Params bidule
• OSC Creator 2 bidule
• Spectral EQ bidule
• Spectral Analyzer bidule
• Audio File Player/Recorder: can now read/write FLAC
• Crossfader: added selection of fade type
• Matrixes: added renaming of I/Os
• Matrixes: added 16 and 32 I/Os versions
• MIDI File Player : now uses the Mediapool
• OS X: MIDI devices in patchbay now currently change their state when a device is connected/reconnected
• OSC: added possibility to have multiple OSC Creator using the same address
• Patchbay: added dropping of .bidule and .bgrp files
• Parameter Pool GUI: added possibility to select multiple targets at once
• Parameter Pool GUI: added replace source/target buttons
• Spectral Bin Delay, Graph: now use logarithmic display
• Spectral Graph: can now use PVOC files from the Mediapool
• plus many more little improvements

Major Bug Fixes:
• AU: scope part parameters aren’t available
• Bidule AU: added proper support for multiple outputs in Logic 8
• OS X: return/enter/copy/paste can’t be used in Comment

Plogue’s Bidule is free. More information on Plogue Bidule 0.96.

Author: FutureMusic

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