Angry Red Planet Releases Temper – Creative MIDI Sequencer For Windows

Angry Red Planet has released Temper, a creative MIDI sequencer for Windows. We’ve been waiting patiently for the software equivalent of the famed Latronic Notron hardware sequencer, and Temper may come close with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Angry Red Planet claims Temper is a modern Digital Audio Workstation with features like a modular environment, flexible routing system, multiple takes per track and other attributes, but we wouldn’t suggest tossing Logic just yet. Temper’s focus is providing a powerful set of MIDI editing tools built around three basic ideas: Operating on phrases of musical data; interactive, realtime phrase manipulation via MIDI keyboards; and extensive flexibility by decoupling what gets processed from how it gets processed.

Temper is designed to manipulate MIDI in ways that may be difficult in other applications. It’s intended to be interactive, exploratory and fun. Temper contains algorithmic composition techniques, but it’s not intended to automatically generate musical passages. Instead, it’s designed to let you rapidly experiment with musical ideas to find your own expression.

There are two basic ways of manipulating MIDI: Destructively, where the original MIDI sequence is altered, or non-destructively, where the original sequence is unaffected but is altered during playback. Destructive editing is provided by the tools found in the track editor, non-destructive editing is provided by the FX found in the pipeline.

Whether you’ve performed, generated or imported your music, Temper provides a suite of tools to explore new musical ideas. Start with the four intrinsic tools: Shif-T, Shift-E, Sha-P and Sha-V are used to modify the start time, end time, pitch and velocity of notes. Further tools like Flip can be used to interactively flip notes by both time and pitch, or perform morphing flips guided by a shape.

Temper also includes a variety of tools for generating musical phrases and controller information. Use Velocirapture to rapidly create a line of velocity-sculpted notes, Rudiments to paint drum rudiments, or Crudiments to generate complex filter sweeps. All tools are interactive, immediate and expandable with new shapes.

Easily export Temper MIDI tracks into other applications through simple drag and drop: Whenever one or more tracks are selected, a drag control appears, letting you drag these tracks to the desktop for creating a .mid file, or directly into any application that will receive .mid files.

At the heart of the system is the shape: objects for describing how MIDI events are transformed. Every advanced tool uses a shape to determine how to process events. Shapes are interactive, with control of parameters like sync rate or noise amount. Users can create new shapes to be swapped into existing tools or shared with other users.

Temper is available now for Windows as unrestricted, unexpiring trialware. If you “make it part of your workflow” the folks at Angry Red Planet ask you very politely to buy a license for $50 bucks. More information on Angry Red Planet’s Temper.

Author: FutureMusic

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