MP3tunes Pimps New Version Of LockerSync With TuneWatch

MP3tunes has announced TuneWatch, a new feature incorporated into their music storage and optimization software, LockerSync. TuneWatch automatically detects the addition of all new DRM-free music, whether purchased from Amazon, iTunes, Walmart or directly from an artist’s website like Radiohead, and adds it to the user’s online Music Locker. TuneWatch also instantly sees the new content from personally ripped CDs, immediately backing it up in the Music Locker for secure storage, but more importantly access from any computer connected to the Internet. After creating a Music Locker and launching LockerSync the first time, the consumer’s Locker will remain in sync with that user’s digital music additions.

Never one to not miss a promotional opportunity, Michael Robertson, CEO of MP3tunes states, “With bands like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails selling their own music, coupled with all the online music stores, music fans have more and more ways to buy DRM-free music, and they should be comfortable that those purchases are safe and secure.” In reality, the “safe and secure” language is really a smokescreen to Robertson’s life-long pursuit of a digital locker system.

The new LockerSync 3.0 delivers increased speed and simple syncing of a digital music collection to an online Music Locker, where users can access their music collection through any web browser, as well as numerous devices, including Logitech’s Squeezebox, the Nokia N800 Web Tablet, TiVo and, in Europe, the complete line of NOXON iRadio devices. MP3tunes’ Music Locker supports streaming and syncing for most music formats, including MP3, WMA, M4A, and OGG.

More information on MP3tunes LockerSync with TuneWatch.

Author: FutureMusic

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