Bias Announces Third-Party Licensing Opportunities For Signal Processing Technology

Bias, Inc., the husband and wife team of Steve and Christine Berkley, has announced a new licensing program to make their digital signal processing technologies available to third parties. Originally developed for its excellent, Mac-based Peak audio editing program, the processing technologies expanded a few years ago into the audio restoration world, with their SoundSoap product line.

Licensing their technology is a revealing move for the small concern out of Petaluma, California that has been in business since 1996. We speculated that Bias was ripe for a buyout by a larger concern such as Apple, but nothing has come to fruition. A public announcement of licensing opportunities can only mean that negotiations with larger companies have fallen through, and now they’re willing to work with smaller software developers.

Bias is now offering four proprietary technologies for licensing:
• Partial Harmonic Audio Technology (PHAT), a quality analysis/resynthesis engine
• Dither Cloning Audio Technology (DCAT), which can model TDPF dither with any noise-shaping curve
• Ultimate Sample Rate Conversion (USRC), a sample rate conversion technology
• Corrective Linear-Phase Noise Reduction (CLNR), a suite of noise reduction and removal algorithms

For more information on these technologies, interested parties can review a Bias White Paper.

Author: FutureMusic

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