Cycling ’74 Announces Max/MSP 5.0

Cycling ’74 has announced Max/MSP 5.0, the next-generation of their popular media development tools. This version offers a completely redesigned multi-processing kernel and a streamlined development environment built on a platform-independent foundation. With a new patcher interface, searchable database of objects and examples, integrated documentation and new tutorials, the new Max user will find a smoother learning curve while experienced users will see improved productivity.

“This is Max for the next twenty years,” CEO David Zicarelli declared. In addition to a modern infrastructure designed to support today’s multi-core processors and tomorrow’s operating systems, Max 5 features a new UI intended to aid in the expression of complex ideas in a fluid manner. Max’s concept of interactive graphical programming has enhanced greatly with their new presentation mode, which de-couples programming logic from user interface construction, allowing clearer patches as well as richer user interfaces. The idea behind Max 5 is to create a new paradigm so the users both advance and new can take advantage of their unique working environment.

Max version 5 will be available first quarter 2008 and, if used with its digital audio and video extensions, will require updated versions of MSP and Jitter. An upgrade price for Max 5 has not been announced. More information on Cycling ’74 Max/MSP 5.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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