Sony Updates Sound Forge Audio Studio To Version 9.0b

Sony Creative Software has updated Sound Forge Audio Studio to version 9.0b. The update is free for registered users.

• Fixed a crash that could occur when application is launched with a disabled audio device
• Horizontal scroll controls in the data window are no longer limited to 1:1 zoom
• Fixed a bug that would mix the wrong source when performing drag-and-drop mixing
• Fixed crash when user is a member of a large number of groups
• Fixed a bug that excluded the last sample when selecting to a marker that occurred on the last sample
• Fixed potential clipping when mixing channels stereo-to-mono
• Animation of the video strip can now be toggled from the shortcut menu
• The Vinyl Recording and Restoration Tool now detects tracks correctly

More information on the Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0b.

Author: FutureMusic

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