Klein + Hummel Announces O 410 Midfield Studio Monitor

Sennheiser’s Klein + Hummel, has introduced the O 410 midfield monitor. The O 410 contains a 10″ bass driver, 3″ soft dome midrange, and 1″ tweeter. These magnetically shielded drivers are attached to 340, 160, and 180 Watt hybrid class A-B amplifiers. Class H techniques reduce power consumption when signal levels are low. The high-capacity vented enclosure cleanly extends the bass response down to 34 Hz, even at high output levels. The most important part of the frequency spectrum is reproduced by a separate midrange driver resulting in extremely low harmonic and intermodulation distortion and a clean sounding audio reproduction.

• Separate midrange driver
• Low harmonic and intermodulation distortion
• Neutral sound stage from 32 Hz to 24 kHz (–3 dB)
• Structural resonances avoided using Low Resonance Integral Molding
• Vented enclosure extends bass response, even at very high output
• Magnetically shielded for use next to CRT screens
• Integrated electronic limiter for each driver
• Hybrid class A-B amplifiers, employed for their best overall performance, are also protected
• Active three-way crossover with 24 dB/oct. slopes
• Bass, mid and treble controls for specific and common acoustical issues
• Parametric EQ for low-frequency corrections
• Accelerated Heat Tunneling ensures effective amplifier cooling

Various input options allow the O 410 to be used with any source equipment: electronically-balanced analog input fitted as standard, optional transformer-balanced input, and an optional 192 kHz, 24-bit digital input. The digital input can accept AES3, AES3id, and S/P-DIF signals. XLR and BNC digital inputs, and a BNC digital output give flexible and robust interconnectivity. Flexible acoustical controls adapt the monitor’s response to compensate for the loudspeaker’s environment: bass, low-mid and treble controls for specific and common acoustical issues, and a parametric equalizer for additional low-frequency corrections. The electronics can be remote located when the cabinet is flush mounted, and can be remotely powered on with two modes of operation (0 V and 12 V trigger).

No pricing or availability has been announced. More information on the Klein + Hummel O 410 Midfield Studio Monitors.

Author: FutureMusic

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