BitTorrent Expands Into Japan

BitTorrent has announced BitTorrent Japan, a wholly owned subsidiary headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. BitTorrent founded BitTorrent Japan to address the growing demand for peer-assisted content delivery technology among Japanese content publishers and consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers.

Japan, with some of the fattest broadband pipes has serious hunger for large downloadable content. BitTorrent has responded with a new technology to meet those needs. BitTorrent DNA, which stands for Delivery Network Accelerator, enables websites to provide the best end-user experience by seamlessly adding speed, reliability and efficiency to their current content delivery infrastructure. There is also high demand among Japanese hardware manufacturers to integrate BitTorrent’s software development kit (SDK) into next-generation CE devices. BitTorrent is already working with Japanese device manufacturers such as Buffalo Technology and Planex Communications to integrate its technology into the latest network-attached storage (NAS) devices, wireless routers and set-top boxes.

The newly established subsidiary, BitTorrent Japan, commenced its business operations in Q3 2007 under the leadership of general manager Hirotoshi Wakiyama. Wakiyama has over 25 years of business development and sales experience for start-up companies seeking entry into the Japanese market.

Author: FutureMusic

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