Hammacher Schlemmer Reissues Hohner Trumpet Call Harmonica

Hammacher Schlemmer has introduced the Hohner Trumpet Call Harmonica, a reproduction of the original 1907 design from the famed instrument company, renowned makers of fine harmonicas for 150 years. This C-major, full concert octave harmonica includes five crafted brass bells which produce the instruments vibrant sound.

A solid pearwood comb forms the core of the harmonica, and Hohner claims it will not swell, even after years of playing and disgusting spit accumilation. Two brass Knittlinger-replica reed plates are affixed to either side of the comb using the traditional nailing method and enclosed by two cover plates, creating 10 double holes and a total of 40 reeds. The brass bells all connect to the air chamber, and blowing or drawing on one of the holes passes air through the nearest bell, resulting in the classic Hohner vibrato.

The Hohner Trumpet Harmonica is available now for $119.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer. More information on the The Hohner Trumpet Call Harmonica.

Author: FutureMusic

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