Audio Ease Releases Famed Gol Gumbaz Impulse Responses

Audio Ease has released impulse responses of the famed Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur India, the second largest dome in the world. The release is part of their free monthly sample program for registered users of their Altiverb plug-in.

Arjen van der Schoot, who did the recording, claims “the reverb in Gol Gumbaz is so staggering that Indian people travel for days just to hear it. And when they arrive they find a hundred people inside screaming at the top of their lungs, so there realy is hardly any opportunity for anyone to appreciate it. It took us two years to get the proper permissions and clearing the place for a couple of hours. Busloads of people were held at the gate so we could do our work in silence in the astonishing whispering galleries, where, when it is silent, you can count 10 echoes to your whisper.”

Audio Ease claims the acoustics samples are some of the “richest” they’ve ever captured, and will work in convolution reverb’s include’s their own Altiverb for Windows and Mac.

Audio Ease’s Gol Gumbaz impulse responses are free for registered users of Altiverb, which dishes new samples monthly at no charge. September 2007’s release is the . More information on the Audio Ease Gol Gumbaz samples and Altiverb.

Author: FutureMusic

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