Yellow Tools Releases Independence Free 2.0

Yellow Tools has released a free version of their sample workstation, Independence. Independence Free is based on the new Independence 2.0 engine, which is slated to be released later this month. Below are some of the Independence Free 2.0 features and enhancements that will also find their way into in Independence 2.0…

Enhancements & New Features:
• Completely re-designed and improved audio engine
• “Multi Core support” for up to 8 cores
• New standalone versions for Mac OS X (PPC and Intel-Macs), Windows XP and Windows Vista with multi audio interface support for up to 64 mono and 64 stereo outputs
• New “Browser” page including sophisticated search functions for Projects, Layer Sets, Layers, Sections, MIDI files and Audio files. Search options for attributes like name, date, category, keywords, last modified, user notes, author name, notes, bars, BPM, meter, path, size, channels, bit rate, sample rate, type. Customizable file display with scalable columns and information batch option
• Extended surround support with new formats up to 8.1
• Redesigned and improved Origami Impulse Response processor engine including surround support up to 8.1
• New impulse response content including surround impulse response files
• Sharing of user interface graphics and computer RAM usage for multiple Independence instances that are used simultaneously
• Improved Arranger with “auto chord harmonizer” option
• New Modifier module “Time Modulator” for unique note-off management
• Drag & Drop support for MIDI files
• Extended sync modes
• Extended surround panner (radius parameter, new panner display, surround balancer)
• LFE Creator option for LFE filter
• Extended Layer searcher
• Scroll bar support via mouse wheel
• New alpha channel view for controller x-blend option
• Separate editing option for groups in the mixer
• Improved workflow, performance and stability
• 2 GB premium sound library
• Over 40 other new features, fixes and improvements

Yellow Tools’ Independence Free 2.0 is available as a free download for Windows and Mac OS X (UB) in VST, AU, DX and standalone versions. More information on Yellow Tools Independence Free 2.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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