MXL Microphones Announces V67Q Stereo Microphone

MXL Microphones has announced the new V67Q Stereo Microphone. The V67Q can be utilized for recording live performances, capturing room sound, or used as an overhead microphone on drums, piano, and other instruments.

The V67Q, the latest addition to the V67 Series microphone family, features dual 22mm capsules with gold sputtered diaphragms aligned in a 90-degree XY configuration. With electrically balanced output and low self noise, MXL claims this pressure-gradient stereo condenser microphone produces a smooth, even frequency response ranging from 30 Hz – 20 kHz. Additionally, the V67Q is internally wired with Mogami cable to further ensure a solid signal transfer.

Being a stereo microphone, the new MXL V67Q contains two discrete left and right signal paths to minimize crosstalk. The new V67Q includes a ten foot, 5-pin cable that breaks out to two 3 pin XLR cables. The microphone’s head grille is specially designed to protect the capsules from wind noise, plosives, and other popping-type sounds. The new MXL V67Q Stereo Microphone ships with a protective pouch, and the stereo breakout cable. For stand mounting, a microphone stand clip adapter is included.

MXL’s new V67Q Stereo Microphone will retail for $299.95, and is slated to be in stores for the holidays. More information on the MXL V67Q Stereo Microphone.

Author: FutureMusic

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