Verizon Wireless Reveals Sales Of 3.4 Million Chocolate Music Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless has announced that it has sold 3.4 million Chocolate cell phones. The phones that debuted with an immense splashy ad campaign was met with mediocre reviews by industry analysts, but obviously that didn’t persuade buyers. The Chocolate, made by LG, has only been on sale for a year.

One reason for the impressive tally is that fact that Verizon has a lackluster inventory of cutting edge phones. Citing extensive “testing,” the company is never on the cutting edge of technology, features or fashion. Thus, when the Chocolate premiered with the attractive slider design, and ability to almost deliver a mobile music experience, it was snapped up by customers.

The announcement may also signal an attempt by the carrier to portray themselves as more as a player in the mobile music market. With Apple’s iPhone taking up much of the watercooler technolust conversation, Verizon may want to the industry to remember that they are still a market force.

Author: FutureMusic

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