Jury Currently Split In Phil Spector Murder Trial

The jury deliberating the future of Phil Spector is currently split 7-5 after seven days of agonizing debates.

The jury foreman informed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler, “at this time I don’t believe that anything else will change the position of the jurors based on the facts that are in evidence.”

Fidler is now reconsidering giving the jury the option of deliberating on the lesser charge of manslaughter rather than second-degree murder.

Spector’s defense has already requested a mistrial, but Fidler denied the motion after three jurors indicated that further instructions may help them out of their impasse.
Fidler sent the jury home for the day. He said that he would give the panel additional instructions tomorrow morning.

When the jury resumes, Fidler said he would hear arguments from prosecution and defense attorneys on whether to give jurors the option of the involuntary manslaughter charge. If he decides in favor of the reduced count, Fidler said attorneys would have a chance to make their case to the jury on Thursday.

Author: FutureMusic

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