TP Works Releases Drumhound – VSTi Drum Machine For Windows

TP Works has unveiled Drumhound, a horrendously-named 16 channel VSTi drumsampler. TP claims Drumhound has the sounds of almost every famous drum machine in 128 presets. The plug-in contains over 2000 overall with extensive filtering options to provide users with many creative possibilities. None of the famed drum machines are named — most likely due to licensing payouts — but preset names like TR-909 should give you a slight hint…

The interface is certainly nothing to write home about, but appears to get right to business.

Features on each of the 16 Stereo channels:
• Gain [Volume adjust]
• Release [Release time]
• Tune [Tune the sound one whole note up or down]
• Peg Decay [Amount, to adjust the time of the downwards pitch envelope]
• Peg Env [Amount, to adjust the amount of the downwards pitch envelope]
• Velocity on Amplitude
• Velocity on Filter [Lowpass without resonance]
• Damp [To eleminate high frequencies]
• Lo [To eleminate low frequencies]
• Panning [To pan your sound to the left or to the right for better stereo image]
• Solo / Mute [When soloed, all other channels are muted, when muted the
channelvolume will turn off]

TP Works Drumhound for Windows is available now for €129. More information on TP Works Drumhound.

Author: FutureMusic

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