ASK Video Debuts Logic Environment Modules

Although ASK Video’s new Logic Environment Modules may be a tad late to the game considering the imminent release of Logic 8, which will reportedly do away with the Environment paradigm altogether, these twelve new creative modules are certainly worth a look for users of version 7 considering the price.

ASK Video’s Tony Wallace has created 12 innovative and easy to install modules for Logic, which will assist users in creating functions such as data splitting, crossfading, velocity scaling, and crossfading.

The 12 environments include, Data Splitter, Channel Mapper, Pitch and Mod Stick X/Y, Swap and Merge, CC Mapper, Note to CC Converter, Multi Converter, Velocity Fix and Scale, Crossfader, Pattern Delay, Step Sequencer, Buzz Roll. Even the most complex modules have been carefully designed so Logic users of all levels will be able to install and operate them easily. Advanced users can dissect the modules to learn more about how Environment objects work and interact. A detailed PDF user’s guide provides complete directions and sample settings for each module and helpful tutorials on MIDI and the Environment.

ASK Video’s Logic Environment Modules are available now as a download for $9.99. More information on ASK Video Logic Environment Modules.

Author: FutureMusic

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