De la Mancha Releases Sumo – Free Windows VST Effect Plug-in

de la Mancha has released sumo, a free Windows VST effect plug-in that will “make any sound as fat as you like. It’s good for fattening up leads and basses, adding some weight to pads, making your vocals chubby and your drums obese.” The kids at Mancha spent more time looking up synonyms for fat in the Thesaurus then actually writing marketing copy because that’s just about all they had to say.

And don’t think the manual will be more verbose, this is basically all you get:
“this limited edition japanese import version comes with these instructions; Each button for another taste of revolution of lard. From selection detune of pressing, lag and deformation.”

But hey, whadda ya want for free??

de la Mancha’s sumo is available now for download and is free. More information on de la Mancha’s sumo.

Author: FutureMusic

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