Flux Updates All Pure Series Plug-Ins To Version 1.2 – Gives Away Pure Limiter

Flux has updated their Pure Series to version 1.2. If you’re an owner of the Pure Series 1.0 and you update to version 1.2, Flux will supply with Pure Limiter for free. Pure Limiter uses an exclusive algorithm allowing a dramatic level enhancement with no drawback on the sound quality.

Pure Series

Pure Compressor:
Pure Compressor is the compressor section of the Solera. It uses the exclusive “Angel’s Share” and “Hysteresis” algorithms developed by FLUX:: Pure Compressor produces a wide range of compressions from ultra clean subtle compressions to classic heavy pumping ones. It’s up to your artistic choices not to the technology limitations.

Pure Expander:
Pure Expander is the expander section of the Solera. The exclusive “Angel’s Share” algorithm developed by FLUX:: allows you to remove unwanted noises or reverberation without adding a processed character to your sound. Pure Expander produces a wide range of expansion process from subtle expansions to hard noise-gate.

Pure DCompressor:
Pure DCompressor is the de-compressor section of the Solera. It uses the exclusive the “Angel’s Share” and “Hysteresis” algorithms developed by FLUX:: Pure DCompressor allows you to restore the original dynamic of a sound. It‘s very useful for heavily compressed signal. Pure DCompressor adds some naturalness.

Pure DExpander:
Pure DExpander is the de-expander section of the Solera. It uses the exclusive the “Angel’s Share” algorithm developed by FLUX:: Pure DExpander enhances the low levels of the sound. The specialization information is magnified. Pure DExpander also makes your sound more compact. The “Angel’s Share” algorithm permits some heavy processing while keeping an organic character.

Pure Limiter:
Pure Limiter is supposed to be the very last stage of your audio processing chain. It uses the exclusive FLUX technologies to generate a release envelop producing no artefact on the processed sound. A transparent limiting dramatically increasing the average audio level can now be achieved without damaging the perceived audio quality. To make the setting even easier, the Pure Limiter also features two display modes. When the mode A is engaged, both original and limited waveforms are displayed. The Mode B displays the limited waveform, the limiter action and the histogram of the release value which is especially useful when running in advanced mode. The Pure Limiter is 384 KHz and 8 channels capable. It also features the exclusive A/B preset morphing function.

The Pure series pack, which includes all the above plug-ins for Windows and Mac costs $610 / €470. Updates from version 1.0 to 1.2 cost $519 / €400 (not much savings here…) You can also buy each plug-in individually for $220 / €170. Demos are available. More information on the Flux Pure Series.

Author: FutureMusic

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