Weekend Fun: Buy George Jetson’s Car For $30,000

Since electric cars and hybrids are dominating conversation around the watercooler these days (not really), we’ve decided on showcasing the new Aptera. The Aptera is a three wheel electric car that looks like something George Jetson would drive around if he was earth-bound. It comes in two incarnations, an all-electric model and a hybrid (gas/electric), which is more expensive, but certainly gives you much more traveling options...

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TubeOhm Premiers Fluid – Ambient Virtual Synth

TubeOhm has premiered Fluid, a Windows VSTi vitual synthesizer that was specifically designed to create ambient sounds, pads and textures. Features: • 6-note polyphonic • Velocity for DCF and DCA • 3 DCO-oscillators/sampler per voice • 2 DCF-Filter HP/LP switching Filter and Q • 5 ADBR envelopes with variable level and times • 2 x ADBR for DCA • 2 x ADBR for DCF • 1 x ADBR for Pitch DCO • 2 DCA control with 2 ADBR...

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