FXpansion Updates Guru To Version 1.5

FXpansion has updated their creative beat-box workstation GURU to version 1.5. Version 1.5 touts over 50 new features and an additional 3GB of exclusive, original audio content covering styles such as hip hop, grime, tech house, and electronica.

• 8 Engines, each with 16 sample pads, 24 patterns, 3 aux effects and an insert effect
• Pad Editor with comprehensive non-destructive sample editing tools
• SmartSlice: automated sample slicing, classification and pad mapping (kick, snare, hat, percussion) with manual slice-tuning capability
• Stand-alone application, ReWire device, and VST, DXi, AudioUnit, RTAS plug-in formats, available for Windows and MacOSX.

Major new features include audio rendering and export, creative randomization, sample reverse, full support for note-offs and duration, triplet support, and a new high-accuracy beat slicer with sensitivity and resolution controls.

• Audio rendering and export of pads, tracks, engines and full loops, with drag and drop to host
• Full support for note-offs and note duration
• Randomizer slider, allowing controlled & creative randomization of almost every aspect of GURU
• Sample reverse in the pad editor, also automatable via the graphs
• Completely overhauled slicing algorithm with sensitivity control and much improved slice results, and support for loops with up to 128 slices
• Per-pattern resolution/multiplier controls, so you can now set each pattern to play triplets, 8th and 32nd-notes, etc.

FXpansion’s Guru 1.5 is a free update for registered owners. More information on FXpansion’s Guru 1.5.

Author: FutureMusic

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