CD Baby Announces DRM-Free Digital Downloads

CD Baby has announced that it is now offering non-DRM (digital rights management) digital downloads as part of its retail package for independent musicians. Despite the Mickey Mouse look of the site, CD Baby is a great way for musicians who don’t have a record contract to sell their releases to the public.

It’s easy to set up an account on the service. CD Baby charges a $35 setup fee per album and then takes a cut of $4 per album sold through its service. It will then ship the CD directly to your buyer. Placing your albums on CD Baby automatically sets it up for digital distribution through all the major online music stores, including iTunes. Although, those services place Digital Rights Management on each song, so it’s difficult to make copies.

However, CD Baby is now offering non-DRM digital downloads in the form of MP3 files directly from their site. CD Baby takes only 9% of the list price of each song. As with CDs, the artist sets the retail price point.

More information on CD Baby’s DRM-Free Digital Downloads.

Author: FutureMusic

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