Virtuasonic Releases MIJOY Pro 2 – MIDI Game Controller Middleware

Virtuasonic has released MIJOY Pro 2, a VSTi plug-in that allows you to use a joystick or gamepad as a MIDI controller. It can be used to control other VSTi instruments, FX plug-ins and MIDI hardware in real-time. MIJOY Pro 2 can translate the joystick data into a variety of MIDI messages that includes: Control Change, Pitch Bend, Note, Program Change and Channel After Touch. It is possible to load more than one instance of the plug-in and assign up to eight different game controllers to manage even the most complex MIDI setup.

• Support for up to 8 joysticks/game controllers
• General ON/OFF and independent switch for axis X, Y, Z and Slider
• X, Y, Z and Slider status
• Offset function with assignable minimum and maximum for each MIDI controller
• Output Mode (Sequencer/MIDI Port)
• Smoothness (from 1 to 5)
• 2 axis types (cartesian, radial)
• Binary MIDI controller with assignable min/max (button 1 to 14)
• 2 Button Modes (Press/Release, Switch)
• Support for 14 buttons
• MIDI messages assignable to X, Y, Z and Slider: Control Change, Pitch Bend, Program Change, Channel After Touch
• MIDI messages assignable to joystick buttons: Control Change, MIDI Note, Pitch Bend, Program Change, Channel After Touch, idle (button1)
• Independent MIDI Channel Setup for every axis and button
• List of standard MIDI controllers included in the software package

The Fine Print…
You must have a Soundcard, Joystick, and Windows VST Host that is able to recognize joystick information. It is compatible with Cubase SX, Nuendo (Sequencer Mode and MIDI Port Mode), and Sonar 4 (MIDI Port Mode), but is incompatible Ableton Live, Samplitude 8, and Logic Audio. In addition, MIJOY Pro 2 is not compatible with sequencers that filter or are unable to recognize joystick data.

Virtuasonic’s MIJOY Pro 2 costs $29.95 and is available now for Windows. More information on Virtuasonic MIJOY Pro 2.

Author: FutureMusic

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