Audio Damage Unveils Liquid – Analog Style Flanger Plug-In

Audio Damage has released Liquid, a virtual analog flavored through-zero flanger. AD claims that unlike today’s digital flangers, which are just short delays with a bit of feedback, Liquid models the original flanging method, where two tape machines were run simultaneously to create the unique effect.

Perfect for “stereo-izing” monophonic signals like voice and vintage analog synths, Liquid also provides more mind-bending flanging at higher feedback settings than conventional Flange effects. From a subtle ADT effect on vocals or electric piano on up to massive “Jet” style 2-buss flanging, Liquid can bring the classic sound of real tape machine flanging to your modern DAW.

• True through-zero flanging
• Perfect for “stereo-izing” analog synths, electric pianos, and other mono sources
• Capable of extreme vintage-style flanging effects
• Full MIDI learn on every parameter for hardware control — VST version only

A typical digital Flanger found in most hardware devices is usually a “bucket-brigade delay chip,” and in DSP-based effects like digital pedals and plug-ins, it is one of the easiest effects to create. However, the original flanging effect was created by running two tape machines with the same material in sync, then varying the speed of one of them — by actually applying pressure to the flange of the tape reel with a finger — to cause some rather extreme and odd comb filtering.

Audio Damage’s Liquid is now available for $29.00 in the Mac OS X AU/VST, and Windows VST flavors. More information on Audio Damage Liquid.

Author: FutureMusic

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