Access Releases Virus TI OS 2.5 Beta

Access has released Virus TI OS 2.5 Beta, a new version of their OS that features a RTAS version of Virus Control for Digidesign Protools M-Powerered, LE and TDM users, enhancements for Imageline FL Studio 7, and initial support for Cakewalk Sonar and Steinberg Nuendo, as well beta support for Microsoft Windows Vista 32.

The new version introduces a special Live Mode which lowers the latency on certain hosts such as Ableton Live and Motu Digital Performer, although DP is not an officially supported host. Access improved Virus Control’s handling of songs with large amounts of track automation, and added video tutorials for Steinberg Cubase and Digidesign Pro Tools. Various enhancements have also been incorporated, as well as several bug fixes.

Access claims they have tested the beta for several months, but the mileage may vary for Pro Tools and Vista users. More information on the Access Virus TI OS 2.5 Beta.

Author: FutureMusic

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