Apple Nano “Midget” Official


The new Apple Nano “Midget” is now official thanks to tersely worded letters from the concern’s lawyers that were delivered to several Mac rumor sites sporting a large version of the miniture image you see below — the larger image on the left is our mockup of the mid-sized iPod.

The Midget (our name —Ed.) looks like it will certainly support video playback and is most likely to get a bump in capacity, we’re guessing 8GB and 16GB versions. who originally released the image also claimed that the new nano would be available in Black-matte, Silver, Cranberry/Wine, Light Blue, and a Seafoam Green.

Although the Midget is cool, we are much more jazzed about the new iPod Video that we believe will also make its debut. Based on how Steve Jobs described the iPhone during its unveiling — “the best iPod yet” — we’re speculating that the new iPod Video will have the touch-screen functionality of the iPhone in a 16:9 form factor, but much thinner and slightly more pocket-sized.

There are several big questions hovering in regards to the iPod Video’s technology. Will there be an all Flash version in the lineup? Will it run a modified version of the Mac OS like the iPhone? And if so, does this open the model up to gaming applications? An arena that Apple should definitely jump into…

These models should certainly debut before the holidays, but don’t be surprised if they’re unveiled during September’s Back-To-School rush.

Author: FutureMusic

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