The iPod Shuffle Bling

Let’s say your 50 Cent and you want to feel like 50 Grand? Should you bust on down to Jacob & Co. and get, yet another, one of those oversized watches, or a tired old diamond crusted necklace? Or should you acquire something a little more practical. Well, a Norwegian concern may have the perfect answer…

The iPod Shuffle 2.0 above is diamond encrusted with over 400 stones and highlighted with 18 Carat Gold plating. And actually looks pretty snappy, especially if you’re known to schelp around a Chihuahua…

The iPod Shuffle Bling will set you back a mere 248.000 Kroner, about $42,000. But it actually plays music… More information on the iPod Shuffle Bling.

Author: FutureMusic

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