Weekend Fun: The Hydroptère

After a disastrous World Cup outing, the doping-plagued “Tour De Farce” and other embarassing shenanigans, The Hydroptère, a high-tech, 60-foot “flying yacht”, finally gives the French something to cheer about…

The trimaran is half-boat, half-plane and was designed to fly over waves instead of bashing through them utilizing expansive “wings” that sport carbon fiber ailerons. When the wind speed hits 12 knots, the Hydroptère rises 15 feet out of the water and flys over the water — solely supported by the ailerons — reducing the boat’s drag to almost zero. The airplane-like shape of the wings add lift to the craft allowing it to hit 47.2 knots during test runs.

However, the goal is to travel at over 50 knots (58mph) breaking the two-year-old record held by Ireland’s 22-year-old windsurfing phenom Finian Maynard, and becoming the world’s fastest vessel. “We’re on the border of two worlds, sailing and aeronautics,” boasts the captain, Alain Thébault, who has crossed the English Channel in just over half an hour, and describes skippering the Hydroptère “as more like flying a glider than piloting a yacht.” After further adjustments to the craft, Thébault and his five person crew hope to go for the record this winter. Good thing the boat can’t be tested for performance enhancing drugs…

Author: FutureMusic

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