Toshiba Set To Release Gigabeat U-Series Portable Media Player

Toshiba has released the gigabeat U-Series Portable Media Player. The ultra small player features 2 GB of Flash memory, USB 2.0, a color 1.1″ OLED screen and a claimed 20 hours of battery life. It supports MP3, WAV and WMA as well as JPEG via its picture viewer.

The gigabeat U-Series has an innovative feature that lets you skip the computer when ripping. Simply plug the device directly into your CD player and create MP3s on the fly. The U also contains a FM tuner, and a voice recorder with external mic.

The Toshiba gigabeat U-Series comes in black or silver and will street under $100. More information on the Toshiba gigabeat U-Series.

Author: FutureMusic

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