MixMeister Releases Fusion, Fusion + Video & Studio DJ Sequencers

MixMeister has released Fusion, Fusion + Video and Studio, three new DJ software offerings that allow track sequencing and mixing. Although MixMeister tries to claim that they have developed “an all new class of DJ software,” which they have dubbed the DJ sequencer, the reality is that almost everything that the new MixMeister products achieve can be also be accomplished with either Ableton Live or Sony’s Acid Pro. However, instead of competing head on with Sony or Ableton, MixMeister has taken the approach of focusing strictly on digital mixing in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) “environment”.

MixMeister Fusion is a DJ software application that combines the spontaneity of live DJing with sequencing precision. Fusion lets you rock up to eight songs at a time all perfectly beat-matched, allowing you to freely cut between tracks and incorporate VST effects. Fusion supports harmonic mixing, intelligent looping, MIDI hardware controllers, and more.

MixMeister Studio gives you the ability to make nanosecond tempo adjustments, shift the key of any song, and drop in loops into a mix. MixMeister’s visual display allows you to zoom in on individual beats and measures, and make precise adjustments until your mix sounds exactly the way you want, and then burn the final mix to a CD or encode it for streaming over the Internet.

• Mix up to 8 songs simultaneously while maintaining perfect sync at all times
• Advanced timeline view
• Play a live DJ set while you preview and edit any upcoming track
• Set gradual adjustments in tempo, volume and EQ with precision
• Play with on-the-fly looping and remixing functions
• Change the key of a song without changing tempo
• Experiment with premium VST audio effects (included) to process part of a track or your entire mix
• Manipulate your mix in real time with a wide range of MIDI hardware controllers
• Burn a flawless copy of your mix to CD
• Drag and drop music files to assemble your set
• View song beats, measures and phrases on screen for easy song editing
• Choose from 12 transition templates, or set up transitions by hand
• See an easy-to-use visual display of your beat mix
• Make fast adjustments using ‘snap to beat’ control
• Use automatic beat matching, or apply manual beat adjustments
• Overlay samples such as sound effects and beat loops
• Work on multiple mixes at once, and cut & paste between them
• Use intelligent looping buttons to loop 1, 2, 4, or 8 measures automatically
• Insert sound effects or remix-style audio clips with a single click on the Overlay Bar
• Play any section or track in reverse with one click
• Play 32-bit audio files for ultra-high fidelity
• Use non-destructive editing to keep original music files intact
• Catalog, sort and search your entire music collection
• Display and edit ID3 tags (Artist, Title, Album, BPM, Genre, etc.)
• Keep your music catalog synchronized with hard drive directories
• Print music library and playlist reports

MixMeister Fusion and MixMeister Studio MixMeister Fusion offer the ability to manipulate tempo, volume, and EQ in real time. You can also add effects and experiment with looping features. Both also record all your tweaks, so you can go back and modify your actions, and make precise adjustments with studio-style editing capabilities.

MixMeister Fusion + Video — Video Module
MixMeister Fusion + Video is built on top of MixMeister Fusion software allowing you to mix full-motion, beat-matched videos right alongside your audio mix. For only $99.95 more than the cost of Fusion, you can perform integrated audio/video sets without the complexity of dedicated VJ gear. Place music videos in your playlist just like audio files, and Fusion will let you beat mix them, loop them and manipulate them on the fly.

Fusion + Video lets you control exact video sequences and transitions, or you can use the montage builder to automatically create video mixes in perfect sync with the beat. This feature is perfect for displaying lots of short ambient or psychadelic clips in sync with a song.

MixMeister Fusion and Studio for Windows XP or Vista cost $329.95, and $169.95 respectively. MixMeister Fusion + Video costs $429.95. MixMeister Fusion, Fusion + Video and MixMeister Studio are available now from most musical instrument retailers, or directly from their website. Trial versions are available for download. More information on MixMeister Fusion and Studio DJ software.

Author: FutureMusic

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