Microsoft’s Windows Media DRM Cracked – Again

An updated version of the FairUse4M program, is able to strip the Digital Rights Management (DRM) off of both audio and video files in a simple, drag’n’drop stylee.

The savvy crack can strip the protections off of both individual downloads, as well as subscription services, a scary scenario for online music stores and labels which can have far-reaching consequences since thousands of songs can instantly be liberated. The new version also allows easier, drag-and-drop functionality, and simplifies the decryption process, which translates to less technology-minded punters can not get in on the action. Microsoft indicated that it was working on a patch, and promised a solution in the short-term.

The Future: While software like FairUse4M is not nearly as popular as file-trading networks, it does allow users to obtain large catalogs of music from their peers without being on the business end of a RIAA lawsuit. With simplified decryption and drag’n’drop operation, its only a matter of time before these programs develop more widespread acceptance.

Author: FutureMusic

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