Weekend Fun: Unicycle MkII

Unicycle.com is offering up the Nimbus Ultimate Wheel, a new take on the classic unicycle that does away with the seat entirely. Although, the Nimbus is extremely lightweight, and very portable, it does look exhausting to pedal.

• Ultra-stiff 7005 aluminium frame
• Bight anodized blue
• Reinforced pedal bosses
• Narrow-profile high-pressure tire
• Single-bar construction
• Wheel Size: 20 inch
• Weight: light!
• Pedals: Round-type 9/16 threaded
• Pedal pitch: 250mm (same as 125mm cranks on a standard unicycle)
• Tire: 20 x 1.75 high psi

Nimbus Ultimate Wheel will set you back $74. More information on the Nimbus Ultimate Wheel.

Author: FutureMusic

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