Back In Time Records Releases Ethnotronics Sample Library

Back In Time Records has released Ethnotronics, a sample instrument library powered by the Windows VST Instrument ws-engine. The three collections, Ethnotronics, Ethnotronics Pro and Ethnotronics Pro XL, feature acoustic, electric and electronic ethnic instruments. The ws-engine sampleplayer (WS1/2) is compatible with all ws-engine VSTs like TSW, Wusikstation and ManyOne. Ethnotronics contains 1.2 GB of content, Ethnotronics Pro features 2.5 GB and Ethnotronics Pro XL has 4.9 GB.

Ethnotronics provides ethnic acoustic instruments (up to chromatically sampled multi-samples) and also electronic instrument emulations as well as synth pads especially designed for layer purposes with acoustic instruments for a modern ethnic instruments sound tool. Although Ethnotronics can be used as regular sampled instrument player the 4 layers plus the wavesequencer offer a wide range of layer instruments, useful for all musical styles, not only for folk music. World music, film sound, pop, trance, traditional, crossover styles – that’s what Ethnotronics is made for. A 50-page “Ethnic Instruments Guide” eBook (PDF) with instrument information and pictures is included.

Ethnotronics and Ethnotronics Pro are available now. Ethnotronics Pro XL is expected to be released on July 6, 2007. Pricing: Ethnotronics: 1.2 GB, €79; Ethnotronics Pro: 2.5 GB, €129; Ethnotronics Pro XL: 4.9 GB, €198. More information on Back In Time Records Ethnotronics.

Author: FutureMusic

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