Clear Channel Forcing Artists To Waive Rights & Royalties To Participate In FCC Mandated Indie Music Program

Hypebot, a music industry blog, has revealed Clear Channel’s unctuous contract with independent artists who wish to participate in their FCC ordered “NEW! Discover Artists” promotion. The FCC’s requirement for radio stations to open their airwaves to independent artists was based on a recent Payola settlement. However, Clear Channel has still managed to stick a knife in an indie artist’s back to bleed them dry anyway…

The manner of which Clear Channel has decided to honor the FCC’s mandate is “with an ongoing “NEW! Discover Artists” campaign that would offer selected artists a broad range of exposure on some Clear Channel stations and online. But the exposure – which is still not well defined – comes at a price.”

“To even be considered for the program artists and songwriters must agree to a wordy and confusing 8 page contract that effectively grants Clear Channel the right to do almost whatever is pleases with the song without out paying any royalties.”

Read the rest of this ugly and disturbing story…

Author: FutureMusic

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