ChocolateAudio Releases Mock Bass

ChocolateAudio has released Mock Bass, an advanced electric bass library sampled from a liuther’s custom made electric bass made by Italian concern, Jacaranda. Mock Bass comes in two flavors:

Mock Bass DI: features the DI sound only, recorded Apogee converters and Millennia TD-1 direct to digital at 96 Khz, released at 44.1 This set weighs about 335 MB and requires just 38 MB of preload in Kontakt 2.2.
Mock Bass Production Pack: features the DI sound altogether with a Rock and a Round sounds (different sample packs).

Mock Bass Rock is reamped using an Ampeg rig with a Neumann mic to a Focusrite pre and into an Apogee converter at 96 Khz while Mock Bass Round is reamped using a Mark Bass rig with an AKG mic fed into a Focusrite pre and an Apogee converter at 96 KHz.

• 790 unique samples
• Each string is sampled chromatically up to the 12th fret (G string up to the 18th)
• Two sustain samples for each note: index and middle finger playing (round robin)
• Four release samples for each note sampled (round robin)
• Four dead ghost samples for each note sampled (round robin)
• Sets of slide ups and downs for each string
• Sets of Hammer On and Pull Off legato samples for each note sampled
• Thumps on strings
• String noise samples

ChocolateAudio’s Mock Bass DI lists for €39 and the Mock Bass Production Pack lists for €54. It is available for Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2 and Apple EXS24mkII. More information on ChocolateAudio Mock Bass.

Author: FutureMusic

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