Wildcharge To Ship Wildcharger On July 7th

WildCharge has announced that it will be shipping its much anticipated WildCharger and the WildCharger Mini on July 7th. For those of you not in the know, the WildCharger is a flat, thin charging pad that is capable of simultaneously charging/powering electronic devices simply by placing them anywhere on its surface. Delivering up to 90 Watts of power, the Wildcharger can amp laptop computers, iPods, cell phones and other small electronic devices through the magic of electromagnetic induction.

The WildCharger Mini delivers up to 15 Watts of power, capable of simultaneously powering and charging three or
four small devices such as cellular phones, portable music players, digital cameras and other products. The technology’s universal applicability has sparked great interest from electronic, automobile, furniture and other manufacturing industries. Many companies in these industries are currently preparing to embed WildChargers in their products to be offered to
consumers worldwide in the near future.

Official pricing has not been announced, but expect to pay around $100 for the Wildcharger and $40 for the Mini. More informaiton on the Wildcharger.

Author: FutureMusic

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