Musicrow Unleashes Drum Queen

Musicrow has released Drum Queen, a VSTi drum machine with an advanced synthesis engine for Windows, that is able to produce a wide range of percussive tones. Drum Queen (DQ) aims to continue the tradition of vintage drum machines, such as Roland TR 808/909 and Sequencial DrumTraks. Like these old machines DQ is a drum synthesizer that makes no use of samples and all its sounds are purely synthesized. But while DQ is certainly inspired by the drum machines named above, it is not trying to emulate any of them.

With DQ you can easily tweak your drum sound to fit the demands of your song. Unlike what happens with sample processing, with DQ you can extremely shape your drum sound in a non-destructive way. DQ makes an extensive use of velocity to modify the sound timbre, i.e. a harder hit can sound very different then a softer one. With Drum Queen any drum hit will sound different then the other, as most of us know happens when you hit a real drum, resulting a much more dynamic and natural rhythm. It will also help you avoid the unpleasant “shot-gun effect” while trying to make a nice snare roll.

• Enhanced control of instruments’ sound.
• Synthesizer for each drum sound, with a total of 10 synthesizers
• Subtractive, additive, FM, and physical modeling are being used
• Extensive use of velocity to add a natural feel to the instruments
• Separate output for each instrument
• 75 Drum Kits are included
• 12 percussion sounds per set

Drum Queen’s VSTi digital distortion and analog saturation are part of the synthesis process, resulting a variety of crunchy drum sounds. Drum Queen makes use of several synthesis techniques: subtractive, additive, FM, and physical modeling are all taking part in building and shaping amazing ear catching drum sounds. Drum Queen is built of 10 synthesizers, each of them was especially designed to produce a specific drum sound. Kick, Snare, Rim, Claps, Toms, High Hat, Ride, Crash, Bell, and Shaker sounds all have a dedicated synthesizer. These synthesizers are fully programmable, so you can tweak your kick or snare to sound exactly the way you want it to.

Each drum sound has a separate output (10 outputs in total), so you will be able to process each drum individually in your host sequencer. Drum Queen is packed 75 drum kits.

Musicrow’s Drum Queen costs $50 bucks and is available now. More information on Musicrow Drum Queen.

Author: FutureMusic

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