XT Software Announces energyXT2 Update

XT Software has proclaimed energyXT2, a digital audio workstation for Windows and Linux, will be officially released on June 15th, 2007. energyXT2 features a sequencer, drum machine, synth/sampler and mixer in a modular environment that has been 100% re-worked, based on over 3 years of feedback from users.

The sequencer in energyXT2 works the same way as in Cubase and Logic and offers audio recording, different track types, clip based automation of mixer/EQ and VST plugins. It also has some unique features like drum-machine track, per audio clip resample and elastique time-stretching and modeless editing. Tracks can be arranged into folders to save screen space and VST plugin editors can be docked into separate tabs.

The built-in synth/sampler is a phase modulation synthesizer and sample player in one. You can layer and split synthesized and sampled sounds anyway you want. There are all the standard features like multi-mode filter, LFO’s, vibrato and glide.

The new drum track in energyXT2 works like an audio track with a built in drum sampler. The drum editor looks like a real drum machine and samples can be dropped right into it for quick drum set construction. Drumsets can be saved as presets. To create a new drum track, simply drag a drumset preset or just a wav file into the sequencer, and the drum track will be created for you automatically.

All settings in the main mixer cam be automated from the sequencer, including volume, pan, mute, EQ and effect parameters. There are no limit, except your CPU, to how many insert and send effects you can use in a project. Group channels are available for sub mixing, and can be automated just like normal mixer channels and supports insert and send effects as well. The mixer is dockable, and presets for different mixer views can be customized.

• Runs on Linux out-of-the-box
• High quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting
• MIDI, audio and drum loop support
• Clip based automation
• Drum-machine track
• New mixer, phase modulation synthesizer and multi-effects
• Controller maps

XT Software’s energyXT2 will be available for $75 on June 15th. energtXT2 can be pre-ordered for $49 until that date. More information on XT Software energyXT2.

Author: FutureMusic

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